We are strongly committed to our 10 values that have given life to Menarini and shaped our understanding of doing business.

We apply these values, which we are a part of, into our daily practices and create a culture around them.

We observe our mission of creating "value for people" at the core of everything we do.

Pick one of our values and priorities below to discover their meanings.

Dedication and Commitment

Passion, willpower and sharing are part of the way we conceive work; dedication is in the DNA of our Company. Employees of Menarini Turkey work with a strong commitment and dedication to achieve great success in business.

Centred around the Person


Being person-centered is our most important value. It builds our identity and future.

Menarini Turkey employees live our values and keep them alive. We live and develop our values together with our person-centered approach.



In our daily work, our goal is not just to reach our limits, but to push them further. We continue raising the stakes in order to improve the value of what we do.

Menarini Turkey employees work to perform better and aim to create higher values.

Ethics and transparency


We adopt the highest ethical standards in all our work processes. We work with commitment to foster and favor behavior which is ethically correct.

Menarini Turkey employees are aware of their responsibilities and they carry a strong sense of ethics. The way we do business is based on principles of transparency; we respect all stakeholders within the ecosystem we create.

Focus on the Patient


The nature of our identity is dictated by our focus on the patient. All our activities are inspired by this fundamental value.

Menarini Turkey employees provide solutions for patients' needs with products and services that improve their health and quality of life.



We look at the world through a window that opens to wide possibilities. Creativity, initiativeness and the courage to change are the driving forces behind all our choices. Innovation is the key to every success.

Menarini Turkey employees strive to provide a treatment for every disease.

Multicultural Identity


Today we are a "multinational family" with members from 136 countries on 5 continents. As a team of thousands, we try to imagine ways to improve people's lives and ways to make difference in this world together.

Menarini Turkey employees are not only citizens of Turkey, they are citizens of the world.



As its employees, we all represent Menarini, so each of us carry a sense of responsibility.

As employees of Menarini Turkey, we always work towards our aim of making difference.



We work to give people opportunity and meet their needs. Menarini Turkey employees know the value of supporting those in need.

Environmental protection


We have individual and collective awareness of the need to safeguard our world and environment, and we work to increase and spread this awareness.

Menarini Turkey employees consider themselves as a part of the nature and they embrace the nature through their activities.


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