Everyday we put our values into action. 8 values, which have given life to Menarini and have shaped its history.
All of us are part of them and act them out by constantly applying the values to our daily practices.
People are at the heart of Menarini’s values.



A cure for every disease. More health, more happiness, more life.


Health, our commitment for life.




Our company is centered around the Person. We care deeply about each other and support the well-being, growth and development of our fellow employees. We respect and safeguard the environment around us to allow a better life to our children.



Our identity and what we do together with colleagues and partners are driven by our consuming focus on patient and consumer outcomes, delight and satisfaction. Being patient centric builds trust with all our stakeholders.



We do what we say and strive to do what is right always. We act with uncompromising integrity and espouse to attain the highest ethical standards in our products, services and our daily work. We abide by the laws of the land and fully respect and embrace the Company’s Code of Conduct and Policies on Ethics & Integrity.



Quality is the hallmark of Menarini’s products and services, in which our patients and consumers trust wholeheartedly and why they stay loyal. We strive for the highest product quality that is unsurpassed by industry standards to achieve desired patient outcomes. We perform our work professionally, exceeding expectations and to give assurance to our customers that they can depend on us unreservedly.



Stay curious and ask questions. Making new discoveries opens ourselves up to what is possible, uncover opportunities and helps us to grow. Our curiosity fuels others to be curious, encourages a learning mindset and seeks to understand others.



Passion dares us to dream and opens a world of unending possibilities. Passion fosters innovation and can turn dreams into reality. We run the extra mile without needing to ask why. Passion motivates others and fuels entrepreneurship.



We value speed and agility, despise bureaucracy. We embrace change quickly, adapt and grow. We are goals and outcomes focused. We act swiftly and decisively to make things happen.



We demonstrate trust and respect for every person so that they can feel safe and be their authentic selves. Respecting our differences make us stronger together.

We value equal opportunities for all, recognizing that our inclusiveness allows us to learn from each other.


Mission, Vision & Our Values


The origins of the menarini date back to 1886, when Archimede Menarini opened, in the center of naples, the “Farmacia Internazionale".


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Menarini Group operates in 140 countries around the world.

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Mission, Vision &
Our Values

Everyday we put our values into action. 8 values, which have given life to Menarini and have shaped its history.

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