Menarini, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, was founded in Naples in 1886. Today, with more than 17,000 employees in 136 countries on 5 continents, Menarini offers products and services based on its principle "quality comes first" to the healthcare sector.

As Italy's largest pharmaceutical company, Menarini entered into the Turkish health sector in 2001 by acquiring İ.E. Ulagay, known as Turkey's first pharmaceutical company. As of 2020, Menarini has been overseeing its operations in 36 countries in the Middle East and Africa from Turkey as its designated "Regional Center”.

As Menarini Turkey, we provide high quality and accessible health solutions by drawing power from our 100+ years of experience in the sector and our scientific knowledge. We produce 95% of our products for the Turkish market at our production facility in Topkapı. We work to provide people with a healthier future and create value in human health close to 1000 employees and more than 300 products and treatment options.

We will continue to add more value in human health, quality of life and the creation of a healthy future together with our employees and stakeholders by putting people at the center of our business and drawing power from our deep-rooted history, strong scientific background and understanding of high product quality.

Our mission is to generate "value for people".

Our vision is ‘‘adding value to human health, quality of life and to the future by using our power drawn from our deep-rooted history.’’

About Us

Menarini Turkey

The story of İbrahim Etem which started in a small laboratory a hundred ago...

Menarini Turkey
About Us

Our vision is to produce "value" for human ...

Menarini Turkey

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