In the factory of Menarini in Istanbul, one of the 18 manufacturing sites in the world, the products offered to Turkey and the countries in the region are produced.

Menarini Turkey manufactures all pharmaceutical forms at the Topkapı Plant that has 22,000 m² of indoor space. This plant was established in 1955 and it gets renewed based on the current regulations.

Every year, over 100 million packs of drugs are produced at the highest standard of quality.

Menarini Turkey Manufacturing Plants consist of 3 separate pharmaceutical manufacturing units.

Two of these three units manufacture the beta-lactam group products, non-penicillin and non-cephalosporin based non-beta-lactam products. 

Manufacturing units for beta-lactams consist of an independent unit for penicillins and another independent unit for cephalosporins.

Oral solid dosage forms and sterile powders are manufactured in the independent penicillin unit and in the independent cephalosporin unit, only cephalosporin-based sterile powder products are produced.

The third unit manufactures oral solids and small-volume sterile products (ampoules, drops) excluding penicillins and cephalosporins. 



The origins of the menarini date back to 1886, when Archimede Menarini opened, in the center of naples, the “Farmacia Internazionale".


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Everyday we put our values into action. 8 values, which have given life to Menarini and have shaped its history.

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