Menarini, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, was founded in Naples in 1886. Today, with more than 17,000 employees in 136 countries on 5 continents, Menarini offers products and services based on its principle "drug quality comes first".

Menarini joined its forces and experience with Turkey's first pharmaceutical company, İbrahim Etem in 2001, and has picked Turkey as the Group's regional management center for Middle East and Africa operations in 2020, including 36 countries on 3 continents. As of 2021, İbrahim Etem Ulagay and Menarini İlaç companies have been running their joint operations under "Menarini Turkey."

History of Menarini Turkey:

1886 – Menarini was founded as a small laboratory in Naples.

1903  İbrahim Etem was founded as a small medical analysis laboratory. 

1909  İbrahim Etem became a "pharmaceutical manufacturer company" producing the first vitamins and hormone preparates in Turkey. Since then, the company has been working with the basic principle of introducing innovative products, treatments and new scientific methodology to the healthcare sector.

1915  Menarini moved its operations to Florence where it is headquartered today.

1934 – Doctor İbrahim Etem Chemistry House began mass-producing pharmaceutical forms such as tablets, ampoules, syrups and some veterinary medicine.

1955 İbrahim Etem moved its operations to Topkapı facilities where it still continues its production activities. The company began producing the first local antibiotics in Turkey after signing a know-how agreement with a U.S. company.

1964  Menarini Laboratories was founded in Barcelona, Spain.

1970s Menarini strengthened its position in Italy by signing numerous agreements with other leading Italian pharmaceutical companies.

1978 - Menarini created its R&D unit in Florance

1990 - Menarini expanded its international operations to a considerable extent.

2001 - İbrahim Etem allied with the world famous Italian pharmaceutical group Menarini and established a cooperation between Turkey and Italy in the pharmaceutical sector under the name "İbrahim Etem - Menarini".

2003 - Menarini founded Biotech in Rome to conduct biotechnological research.

2011 – Menarini strengthened the company's activities in the Asia Pacific markets by acquiring the Invida Group.

2013 – Menarini acquired Italian start-up company Silicon Bisystems.

2016 – A joint venture between Menarini and NewTech Biosynth called VaxYnethic was founded in the field of vaccine production. Menarini acquired CellSearch, one of the leading companies in advanced technologies in cancer diagnosis.

2019 – A Turkish businesswoman, Elçin Barker Ergun was appointed as the CEO of the Menarini Group.

2020 - Menarini started running its Middle East and Africa operations consisting of 36 countries from Turkey as its designated "Regional Management Center”."

2021 – Menarini decided to gather its operations in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa under one roof: “Menarini Turkey”. Today, Menarini Turkey provides high quality and accessible health solutions by gaining power from its 100+ years of experience in the health sector, deep-rooted history and robust scientific knowledge, continuing to create value in health.

İbrahim Etem and Menarini Group have similar backgrounds in different geographical locations; they passed through the same stages, they were subject to the same historical, social and economical developments and against such developments they took similar decisions with a similar culture, mission and philosophy.


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