The origins of the company date back to the previous century, to 1886, when Archimede Menarini opened, in the center of Naples, the “Farmacia Internazionale.” In 1915 Florence was chosen as headquarter, at the same site where it is today.  Since then, a long history of international growth, global presence, research and development has begun.

1886 - The “Farmacia Internazionale Menarini” opens in Naples.

1915 - Menarini opens its Florence premises.

1964 - Alberto Aleotti is appointed Director General of “Farmaceutica Menarini” and Internationalisation is launched with “Laboratorios Menarini” in Barcelona.

1978 - Opening of Menarini Research&Development Division.

Since the 90s -Menarini has expended its international business rapidly.

1992 - Acquisition of Berlin-Chemie which opens up Central-East Europe markets to Menarini.

2001 - Acquisition of Ibrahim Etem Ulagay which opens up the Turkey market to Menarini.

2003 - Opening of Menarini Biotech in Pomezia (Rome).

2009 - Lucia e Alberto Giovanni Aleotti leading Menarini.

2011 - Acquisition of the Invida Group consolidating Menarini's presence in the Asia Pacific markets.

2013 - Acquisition of Silicon Biosystems.

2016 - CellSearch, a pioneer in advanced technologies for cancer diagnostics.

2018 - The Menarini Group has decided to entrust the Chairmanship of the company to Eric Cornut.

2019 - The board of Directors has appointed Turkish businessperson Elcin Barker Ergun as CEO of Menarini Group.

2020 - Acquisition of Stemline establishes Menarini’s presence in the U.S. biopharmaceutical oncology market.

2020 - Menarini started to operate the META Region from Turkey. Turkey was chosen as the "Regional Center” of META, which includes 38 countries from the Middle East and Africa.

2021 - Menarini Group celebrated 135th anniversary.




The origins of the menarini date back to 1886, when Archimede Menarini opened, in the center of naples, the “Farmacia Internazionale".


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