“Value for People.”


“Adding value to human health, quality of life and the future of health by using the power we draw from our deep-rooted history.”

Working at Menarini is an opportunity to improve the quality of life for everyone, and contribute to everyone's well-being and public health.

We are looking for talented people. Because in order to fulfill our mission, we need energetic and versatile people who are initiative and possess team-work skills.

We do our jobs with a great sense of commitment every day, knowing that the drugs we produce create value for the benefit of humanity.

New recruits at Menarini are put through a period of training and work placement in order to facilitate their integration into the team and to ensure that they reach maximum efficiency in a short time.

Every individual possesses unique and special values. At Menarini, we help bringing these special values out over time, by supporting our employees to reach their full potential and offering them new growth and career opportunities through internal and international transfer opportunities.

To be in the Group and for the Group: this is Menarini's winning strategy for achieving excellence. We believe that creating a team means counting on people and on their talent and sharing strong values.

Our experiences and successes have proved us that we are on the right path. Therefore, we are convinced that your success at Menarini depends on you and the values that you hold dear!


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